Thursday, 8 March 2012

More photos of BoA on SBS "Running Man" surface

BoA's appearance in her first Korean variety show since her debut in 2000 is being highly anticipated by fans both in Korea and internationally. Asia's star is set to make an appearance on a special SBS "Running Man" episode called "Music Fairy Special." 

A fan who was able to catch the "Running Man" cast in action shared several photos of both the regular cast and BoA. 

In one photo, BoA can be seen with a cute expression on her face with lips pursed together, looking down, and wearing an orange jacket. With his back turned from the camera, Leessang's Gary can be seen towering behind her. 

In another photo, BoA can be seen enjoying herself as the "Running Man" cast is running towards an unknown location. Part of her body and face is hidden behind the seemingly tall MC, Yoo Jaesuk. A third photo shows BoA smiling as she seems to look towards singer Kim Jonggook and his partner and "Running Man" guest, Jung Jaehyung.

According to the photos, it seems that the divided groups of "Running Man" must complete a mission inside the Jeju-do Davinci Museum and collect small black safes. 

The "Music Fairy Special" is set to air Part 1 on March 25th and Part 2 on April 1st. Are you looking forward to BoA's 1st variety show appearance?

Source: @BoAtheKOREA and rwoosaei


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